Ready-made blouses online

Ready-made blouses have been around for quite a while now. Now also available online on big ecommerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart. There are several other websites also offering great range and variety.  If you are looking for best online blouses available, try Рit has listed some of the best ones from various websites, based on quailty and ratings by customers.

Tips to buy ready-made blouses online :

  1. buy from genuine online websites (like amazon, flipkart, etc)
  2. look at the seller rating and product rating
  3. color shades may differ, so be open to color difference. What you see in the website may not be the real color of fabric
  4. a bigger size can be altered to smaller size by an inch or two but not more. So if you wear 32 size and its not available, dont buy 36 or 38 size. A 34 size can be altered.
  5. If its a handwork embroidery blouse – we suggest not buying it online. Most readymade embroidery blouses have cheap work, so if you are spending thousands, go for custom made blouses from myTAILOR.IN or a boutique nearby.
  6. dont spend more than Rs.3000 for readymade blouses online. Whatever be design, if you are spending more than Rs.3000, you can get nicely done custom made blouse for your size.
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