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Now that World has moved from Desktops to Mobile, everything has become online. Its not a news that you get Blouses/Salwars stitched online for your measurements.
myTAILOR.IN has also been serving online clients ever since we started the operations. However we found customers to have a hitch while placing orders and thats completely natural – for the best fit the measurements need to be perfect. And only trained professional can take exact measurements, moreover every tailor has his own way of taking measurements.

That being said, dont panic. Its quite simple, not a rocket science to take body measurements. And our tailors will take care of calculations before making the perfect cut. All we need is body measurements.

Just few basics to keep in mind : 1) Breathe normally 2)do not make the Measuring tape too Tight or too loose. 3) Make sure the tape is horizontal while measuring hip/waist/chest..

We have put up a super simple step by step measurement form just for you. The images guide you on how each measurements needs to be taken. [ the form takes a few seconds to load, we appreciate your patience ]

Still got questions? We are just a call away.

If you don’t want to fill in the form above, here is the list of measurements you need. However we recommend to have a look at above form once. Thanks!


1) Blouse Length
2) Waist (upper)
3) Bust
4) Shoulder
5) Arm hole
6) Sleeve length and around
7) Neck deep (front and back)
8) Apex point (measured from shoulder to apex_

Kurti :
1) Length
2) Shoulder
3) Upper Bust
4) Bust
5) Waist
6) Hip
7) Sleeves Length and around
8) Arm Hole
9) Neck Deep (front and back)

1) Length
2) Hips
3) Waist
4) Thighs
5) Loose

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