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Looking for high quality tailoring services in large quantities? We can help

Hi there, if you are reading this blog, there are 90% chances that you are looking to outsource your stitching needs, and you are welcome.

myTAILOR.IN provides premium custom stitching services – custom as in each order is made to measure. We have been focused on this since beginning. Of late we have been getting queries on bulk stitching – mostly for designers and corporates. So instead of putting up a page we thought lets write a detailed blog as in what we can help with.

YOU ARE A DESIGNER – LOOKING FOR QUALITY Tailoring – We get many queries from designers for stitching their designs, but they expect it to be for lesser cost, which is not quite possible. Let me tell you why – the designer orders are mostly for custom measurements – and with design details. Not ordinary, so whenever there is something that needs extra attention – it needs more time and more effort. In tailoring industry (and in any industry) Time is money- the more time spent – the more expensive it gets. However, we have special discounts for designers who order in bulk. (Bulk as in more than 10 orders at a time in this case)

YOU ARE LIVING ABROAD (US, UK, Canada or Australia) and want to setup business there. Looking for tailors/service providers who can send you packages time to time as required. You just need to send us designs and tell us the quantity – we will fetch the fabric, design it, stitch it and deliver at your place. Yes we provide discounted rates for bulk orders. (As in more than 10 orders at a time). The more you order the more you save on international shipping. We use only best quality fabrics and threads to make your order. We also provide exotic handworked garments.

Looking for BULK STITCHING FOR MEN’S SHIRTS – We can provide you with bulk stitching services. Minimum order quantity is 100. You need to provide the fabric and sample shirt. Will deliver in 10 days or more depending on order quantity.


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